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Elder Law

30. April 2014

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Elder Law is the general focus on the special legal needs of the elderly population. This is of particular interest to the Sarasota/Bradenton area. Elder law encompasses a very broad array of practice topics including, but not limited to: Estate planning Retirement planning Asset protection Gift and tax planning Elder abuse and exploitation Guardianship Estate planning, […]

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Statutes of Limitation

29. April 2014

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Statutes of limitation vary throughout the United States. Some might be the same state to state, but many will vary depending on the various other laws that the states have. Often, the statutes of limitations vary depending on the severity of the crime. Thus, felonies tend to have a longer statute of limitations than misdemeanors. […]

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Did You Know? (Florida Edition)

19. April 2014

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Did you know that every state has different laws? While some overlap, many are distinctly different. The difference between states can be large or small, it all depends. Did you know that: Texting while driving is banned in Florida. Drivers are not able to text or type on a phone while they are driving. However, […]

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Ways to Find Affordable Houses in Florida

14. April 2014

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We are all aware of the traditional way to find a home to buy–a realtor. And that is still a viable option, of course. However, today’s housing market and today’s technology has changed how a housing search can work to your advantage. Trying to find an affordable house is easier these days because of the […]

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Spring 2014 Florida Legal Changes

10. April 2014

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Spring 2014 has seen a host of legal changes in Florida. Here’s a roundup of them: If you own a car, you’ll be pleased to hear that next year it should cost you less to renew your tag. That’s because Governor Scott just signed a new law changing the costs to register and renew tags […]

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Florida’s Speed Limits

7. April 2014

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What do you think about Florida’s speed limits? Think they need to be lower? Hope not, because there is talk that the limits might be raised. The reports that the Florida legislature is talking over a bill that would raise Florida’s speed limits. They say that there would be a “75 mph speed limit […]

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Driving a Motorcycle in Florida

4. April 2014

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Did you know driving a motorcycle in Florida requires a special endorsement on your driver’s license? This law took effect in 2008. This is outlined in Florida Statutes 322.12 (5) a. There it says that: “The department shall formulate a separate examination for applicants for licenses to operate motorcycles. Any applicant for a driver’s license […]

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