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A Little Sarasota History

29. May 2014

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Whether you are new to Sarasota, or a long-time resident, there is plenty to learn about Sarasota’s history. In addition, there are many places to visit so you can immerse yourself in its varied history. In fact, we will discuss some of Sarasota’s history through its many attractions. First, let’s discuss some of Sarasota’s early […]

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Homeowners Insurance in Florida

26. May 2014

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You really need to consider homeowners insurance an important part of being a homeowner. Now, does this mean you are required by Florida law to have it? Not always. However, your mortgage company, among other people, would almost definitely require it. If you are lucky enough to own a home free and clear, you might […]

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Medical Marijuana in Florida

23. May 2014

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Yes, medical marijuana has almost become a reality in Florida. It hits the ballot this fall. In addition, the Florida legislature recently passed a bill for a certain strain of marijuana to be used for epileptic seizures. The word is that Governor Rick Scott says he will pass that one soon, according to Reuters. The […]

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Motorcycle Laws in Florida

20. May 2014

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We recently wrote a post about being a motorcycle owner in Florida. There, we discussed some of the requirements Florida has for motorcycle drivers—including the class all drivers must take to get a motorcycle endorsement to drive one. However, there are many other motorcycle laws that Florida has and does not have for motorcycles and […]

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Florida’s Move Over Law

16. May 2014

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In the state of Florida, cars in a lane near where emergency officials with flashing lights are attending to an accident, or other emergency, are required to move over or slow down. This means that you should change lanes if safe to do so. If it is not safe to do so, or another lane […]

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Florida’s Many Vehicle Laws

12. May 2014

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You might think you know everything about Florida’s auto laws because you drive a car and took the test, etc. Some of them are obvious, of course, too. However, there are tons of Florida laws that you aren’t even aware of and that aren’t very intuitive. And all motor vehicle laws vary by state. We […]

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Now that Tax Season is Over..

5. May 2014

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It’s time to prepare for next year. Was it too late to do some of the things your accountant suggested? Were there deductions you didn’t keep paperwork on that would have really helped? Are you worried you won’t have the proper documentation if there is an audit? What can you do? Start keeping more accurate […]

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