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SmithLaw’s Blog Highlights

27. June 2014

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SmithLaw has three years’ worth of blog posts in its archives now. We have a range of topics and blog post lengths. Some are serious and some are fun. Here are some highlights: Stopped for a DUI? What are Your Options?: And oldie but goodie, this blog post gives you some ideas of what to […]

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Getting Things Done in the Sarasota and Bradenton Area

24. June 2014

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Moving from out of state brings with it many various unavoidable tasks. This includes getting a new driver’s license, often getting new insurance, registering for schools, finding out where things are, learning new laws and more. Remember that different states all work differently and plan ahead. Don’t get caught in a bind by leaving things […]

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Pros and Cons of Bankruptcy

20. June 2014

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Bankruptcy comes with its pros and cons. These pros and cons depend on the situation and are different for everybody. Keep in mind that the very wealthy would find their threshold of acceptable debt to be much higher than a fast food worker; those with varied assets would find their thought process to be much […]

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Licenses in Florida

16. June 2014

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Licenses are not always for driving, even though that’s what we mostly think of when we say the word license. However, there are many types of licenses needed in Florida. Driver’s licenses Florida requires everyone to have a driver’s license to operate a vehicle. There are many different types of driver’s licenses, however. The typical […]

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Historical Bankruptcy Filings

11. June 2014

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The 11th largest bankruptcy in history is happening with the Chapter 11 filing of Energy Future Holdings of Texas, according to the New York Times. This made us think, what are some of the other big bankruptcy filings in U.S. History? The 2008 filing of Lehman Brothers is one of the, if not the, largest […]

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Healthcare News

8. June 2014

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Obamacare was big news. And it still is. We thought we’d check in and see what’s happening in healthcare today. So, what’s the latest on Obamacare? The deadline to enroll has come and gone. It was originally March 31st, 2014, but was extended until mid-April for those who could show they were trying to enroll […]

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