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Deciding to Sue

29. November 2014

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How do you decide to sue someone? It all depends on the case. Some causes are worth suing for because of moral reasons regardless of the outcome, and we applaud those. In most cases, however, you need to think of the feasibility of a suit. Things to consider are evidence, cost, likelihood of winning, damages […]

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Give Yourself an Allowance

26. November 2014

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Pay yourself first. This is advice you hear from many financial professionals, and it is very similar to putting your air mask on first in case of an emergency on an airplane. You need to make sure that you are taking care of yourself first, so you can take care of others. So what does […]

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Finding a Florida Attorney

24. November 2014

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Finding a trusted attorney is challenging. You can find a competent one, but can you find one you can work with, too? That’s hard. Will they suit your communication style? How will they work with the other side? Are they responsive? Do they care about their clients as more than a paycheck? Are they super […]

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Budgeting for Your Death

22. November 2014

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How do you budget for a death? Sounds a little weird, huh? Moreover, it is a topic most people would sooner avoid. However, we all die whether we like it or not. So how can you budget for it and why should you care, since you will be dead anyway? Well, your family won’t be […]

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Celebrities Who Died Without a Will

20. November 2014

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Yes, even the rich and famous sometimes fail to make a will. This tends to be even more complicated than a regular person dying without a will, because celebrities usually have more money and a more complicated estate. More money = More to fight over (with or without children involved). Some of the most famous […]

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Budgeting for a Pet

18. November 2014

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Pets are expensive, all kinds. Even the smallest pet needs to be fed, watered, housed, and cleaned. That gets pricier than you ever dreamed. The size of a pet isn’t always what determines the budget of a pet. Things to consider include: grooming needs amount of materials needed to care for the pet housing needs […]

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Budgeting for a Baby

16. November 2014

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We all know that babies can come unexpectedly, but millions are actively planning for a baby. Budgeting for a baby can prove discouraging, when you realize how much a baby will cost! Between diapers and other supplies, they can really break the bank. So, how do you prepare? If you have plenty of time, you […]

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