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Saving Money

29. January 2015

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We’re all supposed to save money. Some reasons are obvious, some not so much. And of course saving money can mean different things. For instance, we can save money on something and have more for something else and we can also save money to have it for a specific purpose. They’re sort of connected in […]

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Financial Institution Bankruptcy Act of 2014

27. January 2015

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This act was passed in the House, but failed the Senate. It was meant to help with insolvent financial institutions. This is a link to the full summary by the Library of Congress. Several different sections of the law were to be changed. As written at the Library of Congress’s site, it was to amend […]

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Signing a Lease

25. January 2015

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Because a lease is not required in Florida, lots of people live without one. However, it’s not always a smart idea for either party. A good lease clearly spells out the rights and responsibilities of both the landlord and tenant. It includes who pays what, what happens when something is not done properly, what is […]

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A Litigious Society

23. January 2015

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What does litigious mean? says:   excessively or readily inclined to litigate. Well, a lot of people would say that’s what America is. So is America a litigious society? Who are we to make that judgment? We support our client’s right to find an appropriate resolution to their lawsuit and one of our concentrations is civil litigation, which does include […]

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Florida’s Car Seat Laws

22. January 2015

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Have you heard that Florida has changed its car seat laws? We hope so, especially if you have a child that is under age 6. That is because the law changed January 1st to require that children ages 6 and under must ride in an approved car or booster seat. Specifically, children aged 4 and […]

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Same Sex Marriage

10. January 2015

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Florida has recently started recognizing same sex marriage; it is the 36th state to do so. This is now allowed “as a result of a temporary injunction issued by a U.S. district court in the case of Brenner v. Scott, in which the state’s same-sex marriage ban had been found unconstitutional on August 21, 2014. The […]

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Guardianship Basics

7. January 2015

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Florida has many types of guardianships. Often a guardianship protects a senior citizen, a young person, or a person with a disability. However, there are a few obscure types of guardianships that you might also run across. Today we will address elder guardianship. Often a guardianship is created to protect an elder’s monetary interests. For […]

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