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Budgeting Tips for a Frugal, Yet Comfy, Life

28. May 2015

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Budget, budget, budget. Scrimp and save and realize your dreams. Think about experiences versus things and you could live a richer life. A rich life is different from being rich in a monetary way. We all want to be comfortable, but we don’t need to go overboard. Money doesn’t solve everything, even if it usually […]

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Helping Your Child Prepare for a Successful Financial Life

24. May 2015

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Many of us grew up without anyone teaching us about budgeting. Perhaps parents didn’t have time, or thought there would be time later or even that school was teaching this sort of thing. The sad fact is, not everyone receives a detailed budgeting education. Enrolling your child for any available household budgeting classes is a […]

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Homestead Exemptions in Florida

21. May 2015

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A homesteaded property offers various protections under Florida law, in cases of probate, divorce, bankruptcy, judgments, and more. It also exempts part of the property’s value from certain taxes. A homesteaded property is protected from creditors of the estate during probate. Typically, homesteaded property passes on to descendants or other heirs under Florida law, and […]

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Open Carry of Firearms

17. May 2015

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The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States discusses the right to bear arms. The right to bear arms is a very controversial subject and garners various interpretations. There are staunch supporters that say it guarantees the right for Americans to have guns without much regulation, and there are those who say it […]

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Guardianship 101

15. May 2015

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A guardian is appointed by the court to care for another person when the court finds that someone is no longer able to care for himself or herself. A guardianship can apply to all parts of someone’s life, or just certain areas. Guardianship requires attorney representation for all parties.  The court will appoint attorney representation […]

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Living Within Your Means

10. May 2015

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Sounds easy, right? But there’s always a way to spend the money you make, and it’s easy to just keep spending more as you make more. Credit cards don’t always help the situation, either.  Remember that buying something on credit is still like taking a loan, especially if you don’t pay it off in full […]

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Necessities vs. Desires

2. May 2015

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Food, clothing, and shelter are pretty basic needs. Humans need these to survive. Most of us are not at the point where this is all we desire in our lives, however. It’s hard to separate necessity and desire for everyone from time to time. And a little splurge now and again won’t be the undoing […]

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