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Ambulance Chaser

30. July 2015

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We’ve all heard the phrase, but what does it mean? Ambulance chaser is not really how most of us would like to be described; it doesn’t exactly bring up a positive vibe. defines an ambulance chaser as “a lawyer who seeks accident victims as clients and encourages them to sue for damages (sometimes used facetiously).” You might envision a man in a shiny suit with a briefcase who hangs out […]

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Elder Abuse and Exploitation

27. July 2015

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One of the most despicable societal crimes is elder abuse. It happens more than you want to think and its pervasiveness is scary to contemplate. Elder abuse does not always mean physical abuse. Mental abuse is also prevalent—and often goes unreported even more than physical abuse because it is harder to prove. Elder exploitation is […]

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Zoning and Ordinance in the Manasota Area

25. July 2015

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A road trip out of our local area reveals that there are many more strip clubs in other parts of Florida than here at home. And within our local area, there are different rules for different gentleman’s clubs. But how is this decided? Local zoning and ordinance laws are what decide such things. These are […]

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The Stigma of Bankruptcy

23. July 2015

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Bankruptcy can have a similar stigma as illness, death, various immoralities, and many vices. Some view it as the utmost failure and an embarrassing event. This may be due to upbringing, religion, personal belief, societal pressure, or lack of education on the matter. Education on the subject often decreases or removes the stigma associated with […]

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The Confederate Flag

20. July 2015

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It’s hard not to notice that the confederate flag has been in the news as of late. There’s debate about whether it should fly or not fly, whether it should remain in historical displays, what it stands for, if history should be a factor in whether it should fly, and more. The confederate flag is […]

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Changes in Local and State Legislation

10. July 2015

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It’s pretty challenging (and probably a little boring) to keep track of changes in legislation. But, all types of legislation change often, and even small changes can affect you. For instance, a change in insurance requirements could affect you in a large way if you need to change your auto insurance coverage, but in a […]

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Bankruptcy Education and Recovery

3. July 2015

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Education about bankruptcy does not usually happen until you or someone you know is facing it. Often, an opinion about bankruptcy is formed with inaccurate information or from societal jokes and innuendos—sort of like locker room talk. Before you even know it, you have opinions and thoughts that cloud the issue. This behavior is not […]

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