A Budget-Friendly Black Friday

Wed, Nov 13, 2013

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Some rights reserved by 4nitsirkTheoretically, Black Friday should be good for your budget. You are going to be saving so much money by getting those good bargains, right?

And maybe that is true. You can save a lot of money on Black Friday. But you can also spend a lot more than you actually need to if you don’t do some planning. So, now is the perfect time to get your holiday budgeting started.

Last year we wrote a post on holiday budgeting that is a great place to start. There we discuss the various aspects of saving for the holidays, from presents to food. We also discuss the importance of making sure that you budget for holidays all year long. You can’t just expect there to be money available if you haven’t budgeted for it ahead of time.

Gift shopping can be addictive and fun. It’s easy to go overboard when driven by the adrenaline of bargain shopping. You might find yourself buying many things that you don’t even need, just because they are on sale.

Thus, make sure you have a list prepared ahead of time. Research the deals, and make sure that you have compared some of the deals for certain items among several stores. And don’t forget—some stores only have 5 deals per store. So, that might not work out for you and be a waste of time. Another thing to keep in mind is that there will be other sales. For instance, Cyber Monday is rumored to be even better for shopping than Black Friday.

Don’t let your holiday spending put a dent in your yearly budget. Plan ahead.

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Image: Some rights reserved by 4nitsirk


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