An Economical Halloween

Mon, Oct 27, 2014

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Some rights reserved by RichardBowenAll holidays are expensive if you do it up right–let’s face it. Halloween is one of those that can really go awry because it involves so many different aspects. Food, decorations, party fare, and more come into play like almost any major holiday. But Halloween comes with that extra requirement of costumes, makeup, and the ever-important treat bag. Yes, even the bag you carry to trick-or-treat has become outrageously expensive.

So how can you avoid spending too much on Halloween? You could go the handmade costume route of course. That might work if you are crafty and have lots of time and energy to create a costume. However, we all know the kids want one of those store bought plastic ones or a fancy homemade one. And they don’t want you to save it year after year; it has to be new and different every year. You could go for the Goodwill Halloween costume, or one from a discount store. Consignment stores are often a good way to go.

Buying candy early can have benefits because it often goes on sale in the early weeks. You could also go for buying toys or other small gifts from a party store in bulk, and these would of course last year after year—a big savings over time.

You could forgo a party or really pare it down…or you could have a neighborhood shindig of some sort. Many people have gotten into staying outside their house and making it a block party of sorts while they hand out candy—rather than spending money on a small intimate party of their own.

Then there are the decorations. Even if you aren’t having a party, it is sometimes hard to resist the appeal of decorating the house. Buying quality decorations that last year to year is one tactic. That can be fun until you have to store them. Buying stuff on sale every year is an option and homemade decorations can be fun too, of course. Pinterest offers loads of information that many people couldn’t live without.

Overall, making Halloween economical is not going to be easy…but it is doable with planning and time—like almost any holiday.

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Image: Some rights reserved by RichardBowen

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