Bankruptcy Information for the State of Florida

Mon, Jun 6, 2011


Florida Guardianship LawyerThere are many misconceptions about filing for bankruptcy, especially in the state of Florida. Florida is one of the more liberal states regarding filing for bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy will enable you to do many things including saving your home and assets; eliminating credit card debt; stopping creditors from calling and harassing you; and it will permanently erase old IRS debt that is older than 3 years.

It is important to have a bankruptcy lawyer if you are interested in filing for bankruptcy. It’s important to have a bankruptcy lawyer in your area. Finding a Tampa bankruptcy lawyer in Tampa if you are in Tampa, FL is a good idea, for example.

It is important to know that it is your right under the Constitution to be able to file for bankruptcy and a bankruptcy lawyer would be able to explain it to you. It’s also quick and final to file for bankruptcy and your employer and family will not need to know.

A common bankruptcy misconception is that filing for bankruptcy is different for every state. That is simply not true. Florida is one of the more liberal states regarding filing for bankruptcy. In Florida, if you have a Bankruptcy Lawyer Tampa, you can keep more property than in any other state. This is because Florida opted out of Federal exemptions in its state. Not every state has the same rules about filing, they are all different.

There is no requirement in filing for bankruptcy; you do not have to have a good reason for doing it. Whether you acquired debt because of gambling, credit card overuse, health problems, or bad investments, you can still file for bankruptcy if you are using a bankruptcy lawyer.

All persons are treated the same in court. You do not need to have personal references or even a job. Doctors, lawyers, laymen and the unemployed can file and the court cannot deny bankruptcy based on this requirement.

If you are looking at filing for bankruptcy or are in the middle of filing for bankruptcy, you might need to consider your children and protecting them. Setting guardianship for children can be done while you’re filing bankruptcy and it’s important to also have a Florida Guardianship Lawyer you navigate you through that process.

A parent can set anyone as a guardian to their children either for a short period of time for personal reasons, or in the case of their death. In the case of the death of the parents, a guardian would not only assume care of the children but would be responsible for any monies or possessions that may have been handed down to the children. If no guardianship is settled before the death of the parents, the court would then grant guardianship as it sees fit.

You would also need a Florida guardianship lawyer if a Senior Citizen is unable to make personal or financial decisions and needs assistance in those areas. A guardianship would then be able to help make decisions regarding personal care and living situations, and assist in financial decisions and responsibilities.

Whether you’re looking at bankruptcy, or have a need to place guardianship, make sure you get a lawyer that is experienced in that area. It’s not wise to try to handle these situations on your own, a lawyer can help you get the most out of the laws for your situation.

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