Budgeting Tips for a Frugal, Yet Comfy, Life

Thu, May 28, 2015

Bankruptcy, Debt Mitigation

Some rights reserved by planetaBudget, budget, budget. Scrimp and save and realize your dreams. Think about experiences versus things and you could live a richer life. A rich life is different from being rich in a monetary way.

We all want to be comfortable, but we don’t need to go overboard. Money doesn’t solve everything, even if it usually feels like it. Frugality can lead to a very comfortable life: Comfortable that you aren’t wanting for your basic needs, and comfortable knowing you haven’t overspent or set yourself up for financial ruin. You can’t enjoy that over-the-top vacation when you know the fallout from it will lead to more stress.

First, separate necessities from desires and make good choices for your basic needs. Consider all the angles: sometimes spending a little more in one area could lead to a better quality of life that is worth scrimping in another. Make sure that you have checks and balances in your life.

Figure out if you want to go out to eat lots of times a month, or one really good time a month. Decide if you need all sorts of fancy clothes or if you need a few really good outfits for special occasions.

Make financial goals. What do you want in one week, one year, five years, etc.? Make sure you find a way to satisfy those goals. Create a savings budget that will bring your dreams to reality. Then figure out how can you get to the next goal.

Don’t let a few mistakes here and there drag you down either, we all make them. Stay positive and persevere.

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Image: Some rights reserved by planeta

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