Debt Mitigation

Fri, Sep 30, 2011

Bankruptcy, Debt Mitigation

DebtDrowning in debt? Worried you might lose your home or other property? You might be a candidate for debt mitigation. Debt mitigation changes the terms of a loan permanently to help you keep various types of property. It might include a reduction in interest, reduction in principal, or a change to the length of the loan.

Many Florida residents are in need of debt mitigation due to job loss or change, medical bills, changes in other loans, or the inability to file bankruptcy. It is a good solution for those wanting to keep their property. Debt mitigation will take at least sixty days, and may take up to 180 days. The time-period depends on who the lender is and the type of loan.

SmithLaw has negotiated many debt mitigation plans for Florida residents who were in danger of losing their home or other property. Check out this video for more information and visit our website to learn about our specific services.

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