Disputing Items on Your Credit Report

Sun, Oct 5, 2014

Bankruptcy, General Legal Issues

Some rights reserved by SvadilfariIt’s easier than ever to order a copy of your credit report. The Fair Credit Reporting Act allows you to get a copy of your credit report free each year. And that means free from each vendor each year. Therefore, you can actually get three free credit reports a year.

Checking your credit report is an important way to keep your financial health on track. That’s because of fraud and errors that can show up without warning.

Getting a current copy of your credit report is the first step. Check it over for address errors, name errors, incorrect information on your accounts, and accounts that aren’t yours. Then you can dispute these errors using the process outlined with the provider you chose.

Then make sure you order a credit report from a different vendor next time so you can check their information. That is because different companies will have different information on the credit report. You will need to follow the steps for disputing any errors you find on their report too.

If you find something terribly wrong on your credit report, though…make sure you don’t delay in disputing that information on all your credit reports promptly. Serious problems might even need more help than just being disputed. The FTC has information on reporting some of these serious issues, like identity theft.

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Image:  Some rights reserved by Svadilfari

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