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Some rights reserved by ArmchairBuilder.comFlorida is still facing a high amount of home foreclosures. This detailed article from Sarasota Patch states that Foreclosure filings were up 7 percent in June in Sarasota County from the previous month and 15 percent higher than in June 2012.” And the Sarasota Herald-Tribune states Florida has more empty properties in foreclosure than any other state.” This is bad news for Florida’s homeowners and Florida’s economy.

The high amount of foreclosures is one of the reasons that Governor Rick Scott passed the Speedy Foreclosure Bill in June 2013. We wrote about that bill on our blog in June. It was created in an effort to speed up foreclosures and make the process easier for everyone involved.

June’s high amount of foreclosure comes after this article dated May 2013 from WWSB Channel 40’s website stating that More signs are emerging that the real estate market is on a rebound.” Obviously good news can get bad quickly.

This month’s bad foreclosure news comes after many reports show that the job outlook is getting better. In fact, Florida is reported to have a better unemployment rate than the rest of the country by the Miami Herald. Therefore, it seems that many might still be dealing with unemployment or overwhelming debt if foreclosures are still increasing.

Debt can pile up quickly after job loss or other catastrophic financial problems. It is important to know exactly where you stand financially and attempt to deal with financial problems, like foreclosures, early rather than wait until it is too late.

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