Moving On After a Bankruptcy

Wed, Feb 25, 2015


Some rights reserved by kevin dooleyMoving on from a bankruptcy is hard. It’s as tragic as a breakup or a death for many people. That’s because not all bankruptcies were as fun getting into as some people might think. In addition, not all bankruptcies were the person’s first choice. In addition, the circumstances leading up to a bankruptcy are often tragic in themselves. Sometimes getting over those things is harder than getting over the bankruptcy.

However, moving on from a bankruptcy is something that needs to be done to move on and begin to enjoy life again. You can’t go on feeling powerless and overwhelmed forever. That’s not to say you shouldn’t learn something from the experience and use it as a growth tool, but your bankruptcy shouldn’t define you. You are more than just a bad financial decision or circumstance.

Ways to move on after a bankruptcy include forgiving yourself and preventing another financial crisis in your life. It’s about slowly building your credit and realizing that you need to have a little fun from time to time. It’s about budgeting and finding creative ways to save money and live well. It’s about learning what is important in your life and what you need versus what you want and how to have that balance.

It might be about taking an online class to learn how to use budgeting software, or joining an online website to track your money. It might be about creating a system with your spouse to save money for that special vacation you always wanted to take, all without fighting over the money or whether you can afford it. Working together with your family and friends is a great way to move on after a bankruptcy. They can be a great support for you while you move on from this financial and emotional crisis.

Just don’t forget that moving on takes time, and feeling better about yourself will too. However, you too can rise from the ashes of a bankruptcy’s destruction.

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Image: Some rights reserved by kevin dooley

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