Saving Up for Summer Vacation

Image: Some rights reserved by pfarrell95Traveling is fun, whether you go near or far. Summer is often a big time for a fun vacation. However, an elaborate summer vacation can set your finances way back, especially when coupled with summer camp and other getaways and travel you might do throughout the year.

It’s hard to budget for all the fun extras in your life. But it’s a necessity if your funds are few.

There are several good suggestions to be found on the Internet and the blogosphere. There’s the usual: money in a jar or money in an envelope, either a calculated amount or perhaps your spare change leftover throughout the day. You could also have money deducted from your paycheck automatically into a special account, or perhaps save it up for a few years in a CD or higher interest account.

You can also look for special deals that utilize coupons or discounts. Planning way in advance or at the last minute can also help. Also, consider not going on an elaborate vacation every year—maybe go every other year so you can save up for a really nice trip.

Don’t forget some alternative ideas like house sharing or hostels; they are a nice option for many people. However, if you want five stars all the way, make sure that you budget carefully or you could end up in a bad way and not be able to enjoy those memories when you’re still paying them off 5 years later.

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Image: Some rights reserved by pfarrell95

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