The New Concept for Wind Energy

Thu, Aug 28, 2014


aire maskThe AIRE mask was invented by Joao Paulo Lammoglia. The concept behind this facial mask is that as you are breathing, you are charging your phone. The way it works is by the small wind turbines inside the mask that convert the energy of your breath into electricity. The electricity is then transferred through a cable running from the mask to your phone. In essence the harder or faster that you breathe, the faster your electronic device is charged. With this concept of wind energy being transferred into electricity, it reduces some of the potential risks related to mobile device fires.There is nodenying that our mobile devices are attached to us at all times, whether for our on-the-go lifestyle or just pure convenience, we all enjoy the convenience of this technology. The problem is our ever draining phone battery; it seems to drain  whether we are using our phone or not. It appears that our mobile devices don’t stay charged as long as that first initial full charge after you get it from the manufacturer. Now there is a way that you can always have access to charging your phone without having to carry around the phone charger, outlet charger, or portable USB battery. It’s an invention called the AIRE mask.

There have been numerous articles and news stories about mobile devices becoming too hot from charging in the power outlet and starting house fires. This, in turn, causes our property insurance rates and liability to increase because of the potential risk. This new technology could reduce the risk of house fires and also promote the reduction in our carbon footprint. This technology endorses physical activity and could potentially decrease our health risks. Just think, if you breathe deeply while you sleep, you could be charging your phone in no time and with no extra effort exerted.

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Image via João Paulo Lammoglia


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