The SmithLaw Florida Legal Trivia Game

Some rights reserved by martathegoodoneThe holidays are a great time for fun party games. And despite our reputation, lawyers like to have a little fun too. So, we compiled a Florida Legal Trivia Game for your enjoyment.

We all know there are some obscure laws on the books in all the states. You’ll find a smattering of the obscure, as well as some more traditional Florida legal knowledge.





Q1) What village doesn’t allow vegetable gardens in their front yards, but would allow fruits?

Q2) What pregnant animal is protected in Florida’s constitution?

Q3) Which way must the doors of Florida public buildings open?

Q4) You cannot block the sidewalk with a barrel in what Florida city?

Q5) What is it illegal to wear while driving in Florida?

Q6) What is the only type of tort that requires a qualified affidavit to be filed before the case is filed?

Q7) What is Florida changing in regards to capital punishment?

Q8) What can you hang outside that you can’t in many other areas?

Q9) What did Governor Rick Scott aim to speed up this June?

Q10) When it comes to negligence, what kind of state is Florida?


Below are our answers. Click the answer to find the links to the resources we used for this quiz, and learn a little more about the topic. And have fun sharing this with your friends on Facebook and at parties. Happy Holidays!


A1) Miami Shores, Florida

A2) Pigs

A3) Outward

A4) Pensacola

A5) Headphones

A6) Medical malpractice

A7) The drugs used.

A8) Laundry

A9) Foreclosures

A10) Comparative negligence


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Image: Some rights reserved by martathegoodone


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