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529 Plans

17. March 2015

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529 plans are one of many ways to save for college. This type of plan is usually run by the state, but they may be used out of the home state. This is something many find to be an advantage over programs like the Florida Prepaid College Fund or similar program for other state universities, […]

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Zombie Debt

2. March 2015

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Filing bankruptcy should rid you of many of your bills if it is filed correctly. Some debts are never erased by bankruptcy, however. And some bills that should be erased aren’t being erased—thus the term zombie debt. Some debts that are not erased via bankruptcy include the following, depending on the type of bankruptcy you […]

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Making Good Buying Decisions

19. February 2015

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How do you decide what products to buy? How do you decide which brand or which model or where to buy it? Research, research, research… Now, not all products need the same amount of research. Buying a pack of staples or paper clips is probably not that important to most consumers. However, if you are […]

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Why Should I Care About the Economy?

16. February 2015

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The economy is a boring subject for some people. For some, economics is just a required class you had to take in high school or college. Some of us probably don’t even remember the basics of the class. Others develop a keen interest in the economy simply because of the politics surrounding it, as they […]

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The Economics of Getting a New College Degree

10. February 2015

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So you want to try something new. Alternatively, you hope that a new degree will mean more income. On the other hand, maybe you always really wanted to learn more about a certain subject. Or you are required to have a certain level of education for a job you want. How do you decide when […]

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Planning Financially for the Coming Year

17. December 2014

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Now’s the time to get a jump-start on next year’s finances. A little planning now can help create a financial sense of security that sees you into next year. What could you do to plan ahead? First off, take stock of your current financial health. What debts do you owe? What bonuses might you receive […]

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Avoiding Holiday Debt

16. December 2014

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The last part of the year brings much joy and excitement. Presents, food, drink, parties, festivities, events, activities, and more abound. There is always something to do..always with a hint or more of excess. Between the holiday parties with friends and the festivities you have planned on your own you can’t escape spending some money […]

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Give Yourself an Allowance

26. November 2014

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Pay yourself first. This is advice you hear from many financial professionals, and it is very similar to putting your air mask on first in case of an emergency on an airplane. You need to make sure that you are taking care of yourself first, so you can take care of others. So what does […]

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An Economical Halloween

27. October 2014

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All holidays are expensive if you do it up right–let’s face it. Halloween is one of those that can really go awry because it involves so many different aspects. Food, decorations, party fare, and more come into play like almost any major holiday. But Halloween comes with that extra requirement of costumes, makeup, and the […]

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