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Elder Abuse and Exploitation Examples

19. August 2015

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Elder abuse is a terrible societal crime that SmithLaw hates to see in our society. Thus, we are dedicated to helping the elderly who are victims of abuse and exploitation. This is in addition to other areas of our practice that relate to the elderly. These other areas of the law include: Probate Guardianship Estate […]

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Elder Abuse and Exploitation

27. July 2015

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One of the most despicable societal crimes is elder abuse. It happens more than you want to think and its pervasiveness is scary to contemplate. Elder abuse does not always mean physical abuse. Mental abuse is also prevalent—and often goes unreported even more than physical abuse because it is harder to prove. Elder exploitation is […]

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Lady Bird Deeds and Avoiding Probate

15. October 2014

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No, this doesn’t have anything to do with Lady Bird Johnson (even though that would be cool). Also known as an enhanced life estate deed, these types of deeds can cause real troubles. A lady bird deed still allows you to sell the property and/or benefit from it during your lifetime, unlike some tactics that […]

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Rising Bankruptcy claims among Baby Boomers

28. August 2014

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In both absolute and relative terms, the number of bankruptcy cases being filed by baby boomers is on the rise.  A recent ABI study found that 42% of all individuals filing for bankruptcy were between the ages of 45 and 64. In addition, the rate of filings among older Americans is increasing faster than their younger […]

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Elder Law

30. April 2014

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Elder Law is the general focus on the special legal needs of the elderly population. This is of particular interest to the Sarasota/Bradenton area. Elder law encompasses a very broad array of practice topics including, but not limited to: Estate planning Retirement planning Asset protection Gift and tax planning Elder abuse and exploitation Guardianship Estate planning, […]

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A Brief Legal Dictionary

30. March 2014

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Legal terms are often confusing. Our blog seemed like a good place to help define some of the legal terms you hear often, but that you might not be very clear on. Some of these might not be strictly legal terms, but are included because you could hear them in a legal setting. Keep in […]

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SmithLaw’s Practice Areas

24. March 2014

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SmithLaw is a general practice law firm located in Sarasota, representing clients throughout the State of Florida.  We offer a broad array of services in multiple practice areas, serving individuals, estates and small business. We write about various Florida laws, guns, dogs, business, and budgeting on our blog a lot. But we also write about […]

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Grandparent’s Rights in Florida

9. November 2013

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Grandma and Grandpa are often important parts of children’s lives. Sometimes they are even the primary caregivers. However, official arrangements are required to allow them specific rights with their grandchildren in Florida. This is especially true if the parents do not willingly grant them, but this will make the rights even more challenging to get. […]

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Dying in Florida

25. January 2013

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We are all on a road toward death. What should those planning to die in Florida consider? Here is a handy list: Wills Make sure you create a will. Dying without a will in Florida is called dying intestate and it is messy. The state takes over the estate and usually passes along property to […]

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