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Estate Planning and Probate Tips

26. March 2016

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You can’t take it with you. So you have to be sure what you leave behind is well organized, realizes its potential, and distributed as you wish. The best way to accomplish this is through good estate planning and a good will. The biggest probate tip is to avoid it as much as possible! You […]

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Hindsight is 20/20

5. March 2016

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Ever heard this phrase? Ever lived this phrase? We all have, to some degree. The solution is always clearer when it’s already done and over with, and this can’t always be avoided. However, don’t let hindsight be 20/20 when you can avoid it in your legal and financial life. Making use of trained professionals to […]

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Replacement Cost versus Actual Cash Value

4. June 2015

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We all know it’s unfortunate when the insurance company totals out your car and gives you less than you think you deserve. It’s especially unfortunate when you can’t afford a similar replacement car. That’s a horror story you hear all the time. No one wants to fall victim to that. An even bigger horror story […]

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Homestead Exemptions in Florida

21. May 2015

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A homesteaded property offers various protections under Florida law, in cases of probate, divorce, bankruptcy, judgments, and more. It also exempts part of the property’s value from certain taxes. A homesteaded property is protected from creditors of the estate during probate. Typically, homesteaded property passes on to descendants or other heirs under Florida law, and […]

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Planning Ahead for Life-Changing Events

28. April 2015

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You can’t plan life-changing events all the time. For instance, you might be able to plan a baby to a certain extent…but Mother Nature often throws a wrench in even the best-laid plans. Your baby might come early or late, you might be ordered to bed rest, you might need to take extra time off, […]

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529 Plans

17. March 2015

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529 plans are one of many ways to save for college. This type of plan is usually run by the state, but they may be used out of the home state. This is something many find to be an advantage over programs like the Florida Prepaid College Fund or similar program for other state universities, […]

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What Does a Will Matter since I’ll Be Dead Already?

22. February 2015

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Well, yes…you will be dead. However, your family won’t be. They’ll be left behind grieving, and you want to make that process as easy as possible. A will can help do that. Someone who dies without a will is said to have died intestate. And this is not a good situation for those you leave […]

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Same Sex Marriage

10. January 2015

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Florida has recently started recognizing same sex marriage; it is the 36th state to do so. This is now allowed “as a result of a temporary injunction issued by a U.S. district court in the case of Brenner v. Scott, in which the state’s same-sex marriage ban had been found unconstitutional on August 21, 2014. The […]

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Finding the Best Insurance Policy

21. December 2014

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Insurance is one of those necessary evils. But we all need it in some form. Auto insurance is a good example of an insurance necessity in Florida. You must carry minimum coverages on your policy. Florida requires PIP, Personal Injury Protection, to be carried on all Florida policies. However, there are different types of PIP […]

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