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Estate Planning and Probate Tips

26. March 2016

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You can’t take it with you. So you have to be sure what you leave behind is well organized, realizes its potential, and distributed as you wish. The best way to accomplish this is through good estate planning and a good will. The biggest probate tip is to avoid it as much as possible! You […]

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Can You Adopt Someone Who Has Reached the Age of Majority in Florida?

28. November 2015

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You probably have heard the stories of the millionaire who adopts his young girlfriend as his child to help the girlfriend inherit the money easier or faster, whether he has his own children or not. Somewhat weird, huh? However, sometimes there are cases where an adult may be adopted because they met a set of […]

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Guardianship 101

15. May 2015

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A guardian is appointed by the court to care for another person when the court finds that someone is no longer able to care for himself or herself. A guardianship can apply to all parts of someone’s life, or just certain areas. Guardianship requires attorney representation for all parties.  The court will appoint attorney representation […]

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Guardianship Basics

7. January 2015

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Florida has many types of guardianships. Often a guardianship protects a senior citizen, a young person, or a person with a disability. However, there are a few obscure types of guardianships that you might also run across. Today we will address elder guardianship. Often a guardianship is created to protect an elder’s monetary interests. For […]

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What is a Professional Guardian?

13. July 2014

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Our practice does a lot of guardianship work. Guardianship is the legal process of appointing another person to manage the affairs, medical decisions, and property of a minor or an incapacitated adult. This process involves the filing of a court petition and requires court oversight, monitoring, and the appointment of either a knowledgeable person or […]

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A Brief Legal Dictionary

30. March 2014

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Legal terms are often confusing. Our blog seemed like a good place to help define some of the legal terms you hear often, but that you might not be very clear on. Some of these might not be strictly legal terms, but are included because you could hear them in a legal setting. Keep in […]

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SmithLaw’s Practice Areas

24. March 2014

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SmithLaw is a general practice law firm located in Sarasota, representing clients throughout the State of Florida.  We offer a broad array of services in multiple practice areas, serving individuals, estates and small business. We write about various Florida laws, guns, dogs, business, and budgeting on our blog a lot. But we also write about […]

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Court-Appointed Attorneys in Florida

17. May 2013

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Court-appointed attorneys show up on those mystery and legal shows on TV all the time. They are even discussed in the Miranda rights. (While Miranda rights differ, it usually goes a little like this: “You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you free of charge.”) […]

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What is Elder Law?

12. January 2013

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Elder law is of particular importance on Florida’s Suncoast. Sarasota, Florida and Bradenton, Florida have a large percentage of the elderly in their population. Attorney Christopher D. Smith with SmithLaw Attorneys is an Elder Law Attorney and handles elder law issues such as estate planning, gift planning, guardianship, and elder exploitation cases. What is elder […]

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