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A Litigious Society

23. January 2015

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What does litigious mean? says:   excessively or readily inclined to litigate. Well, a lot of people would say that’s what America is. So is America a litigious society? Who are we to make that judgment? We support our client’s right to find an appropriate resolution to their lawsuit and one of our concentrations is civil litigation, which does include […]

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Finding the Best Insurance Policy

21. December 2014

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Insurance is one of those necessary evils. But we all need it in some form. Auto insurance is a good example of an insurance necessity in Florida. You must carry minimum coverages on your policy. Florida requires PIP, Personal Injury Protection, to be carried on all Florida policies. However, there are different types of PIP […]

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Deciding to Sue

29. November 2014

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How do you decide to sue someone? It all depends on the case. Some causes are worth suing for because of moral reasons regardless of the outcome, and we applaud those. In most cases, however, you need to think of the feasibility of a suit. Things to consider are evidence, cost, likelihood of winning, damages […]

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Are red light cameras only for public safety?

28. August 2014

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Throughout the State of Florida, the state has decided to install red light cameras. In Manatee and Sarasota County, we all have been noticing the effect that these red light cameras and the spontaneous notice that we get in the mail stating that we have fallen victim to a red light running citation. The city […]

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Did you get a lemon?

28. August 2014

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Did you purchase a new car and end up with a lemon? What are the quantification’s to satisfy the Lemon Law in Florida? Chapter 681, Florida Statutes provides remedies for persons who purchase or lease in Florida, new or demonstrator motor vehicles which have defects that cannot be corrected after a reasonable number of repair […]

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Florida’s Many Vehicle Laws

12. May 2014

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You might think you know everything about Florida’s auto laws because you drive a car and took the test, etc. Some of them are obvious, of course, too. However, there are tons of Florida laws that you aren’t even aware of and that aren’t very intuitive. And all motor vehicle laws vary by state. We […]

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Statutes of Limitation

29. April 2014

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Statutes of limitation vary throughout the United States. Some might be the same state to state, but many will vary depending on the various other laws that the states have. Often, the statutes of limitations vary depending on the severity of the crime. Thus, felonies tend to have a longer statute of limitations than misdemeanors. […]

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A Brief Legal Dictionary

30. March 2014

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Legal terms are often confusing. Our blog seemed like a good place to help define some of the legal terms you hear often, but that you might not be very clear on. Some of these might not be strictly legal terms, but are included because you could hear them in a legal setting. Keep in […]

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SmithLaw’s Practice Areas

24. March 2014

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SmithLaw is a general practice law firm located in Sarasota, representing clients throughout the State of Florida.  We offer a broad array of services in multiple practice areas, serving individuals, estates and small business. We write about various Florida laws, guns, dogs, business, and budgeting on our blog a lot. But we also write about […]

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