Foreclosure News for Manatee County, Florida

Foreclosure News for Manatee County, Florida

Foreclosure News for Manatee County, Florida

 It looks like Manatee County, Florida is doing pretty well with its foreclosure rate, compared to nationwide trends. According to the website, 1 in every 262 housing units in Manatee County was in foreclosure in January 2012 (meaning foreclosure filings have commenced). Compared to the national average of 1 in every 624, that does not look bad at all. There is reason to celebrate when rates of just six months ago showed approximately 1 out of 249 housing units in foreclosure.

 As of January 2012, Florida had foreclosures on 1 in every 363 housing units. Here’s a look at that foreclosure map for the state of Florida, courtesy of the website:

This makes Manatee County’s rate look even better. In addition, we can hope that the recent news of the National Mortgage Settlement Agreement will help Manatee County’s foreclosure rate decrease over time.

For those of you still facing a foreclosure, and using Internet searches to find information, make sure you are looking at legitimate and up-to-date sites. The nation’s wave of foreclosures created numerous websites that claim to be helping homeowners by providing advice and information about foreclosures. Be careful about trusting information that does not come from reputable and official sources, though. The FTC’s site has info about avoiding scam sites.

Another thing to look out for is that the info you are reading applies to Florida, since other states might have different procedures or rules. Moreover, do not forget that your bank or lender might also have different services or policies that are important to pay attention to. SmithLaw has seen the consequences on relying too much on general information, rather than on the specific advice of an attorney that is familiar with your case. Internet searches cannot replace a consultation with a qualified legal professional.

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