Saving Money on Your Monthly Food Bill

Some rights reserved by Jsome1We all want to save money when we can. Some bills just don’t have wiggle room. Therefore, when you have a chance to save, you want to jump at it. Your food budget is often a great place to save. In addition, saving there could be a way to stave off debt in other areas of your life.

Coupons are an obvious start to saving money on your grocery bill. Saving fifty cents here or there can help, believe it or not. Different stores have different couponing policies, so make sure you know what your favorite store’s policy is. Moreover, keep in mind that sometimes going to a different store can save you more money on some things. For instance, grocery stores don’t always have the best prices on cleaning products or cosmetics. Keeping an eye on coupons at various stores can be helpful.

In addition, many stores have cards that can save you money when you use them. Many drugstore chains will often offer great sales on products as long as you use their card. Additionally, sometimes they have points that will add up to help you with future purchases.

Then there are ways to combine the cards, coupons, and sales together to massively save! Those extreme couponing shows, books, and articles can really teach you how to combine special offers for maximum savings.

But spending a lot of time on couponing doesn’t always work for everyone. Keeping an eye on sales alone can be helpful. For instance, many grocery stores offer buy one get one sales or specially themed sales where you can really stock up. Many online sites offer tips on how to know when certain items are on sale too that can be a great way to max out the deals.

Making price lists is also a good idea. Make a list of all the prices of your favorite staples and then keep track of their prices at various stores. Then you’ll always know what a good price is for them.

Creating a menu is also another touted way to save money. You’ll know exactly what you need for your recipes and you can incorporate your sales and coupons into the menu for the week. In addition, don’t forget breakfast, lunch, and snacks. It’s easy to remember to plan for dinner, but you can’t forget that you have to eat the rest of the day too!

Sometimes it’s a good idea to buy in bulk for the week. For instance, you could buy the larger package of hamburger that saves you money and then make two things with it that week—like spaghetti and tacos, for instance. If you buy the larger package of tortillas, you could make rollup sandwiches for lunch. These are just some ideas of stretching your dollar at the grocery store.

The grocery store isn’t the only place to save on your food bill, though. While going out to eat is a big way to suck money out of your budget, it can be done in a gentle way. Pick one night a month to go out, or pick a night to go to your favorite restaurant when they are having a good special. Perhaps you need to choose a multiple outings at a cheap place or one night at a great place. That’s an example of a choice many people should be making and aren’t.

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