What is Elder Law?

Sat, Jan 12, 2013

Elder Law, Estate Planning, Guardianship

Some rights reserved by chrissy polcinoElder law is of particular importance on Florida’s Suncoast. Sarasota, Florida and Bradenton, Florida have a large percentage of the elderly in their population. Attorney Christopher D. Smith with SmithLaw Attorneys is an Elder Law Attorney and handles elder law issues such as estate planning, gift planning, guardianship, and elder exploitation cases.

What is elder law? Elder law is a broad area that encompasses such legal areas as estate planning, long-term care, wills, etc. It involves most of the issues facing today’s seniors or planning for those issues. Sadly, our practice often sees cases of elder exploitation also.

What is elder exploitation? This can include cases of abuse, fraud, scams, undue influence, power of attorney issues, and more. Sometimes the person who is being exploited is not even aware that this is occurring. This can be due to diminished capacity, a trusting nature, or just basic misunderstanding. Who is the exploiter in elder exploitation? This has many answers. Family, friends, caregivers, or financial professionals could commit it. One often hears of a particular family member having undue influence over an elder, in an effort to harm that person and potentially others in the family. Sometimes it is a trusted caregiver, an unscrupulous medical professional, or even repairpersons. They can exploit the elderly by overcharging, scamming, or even stealing.

Why would you consult an elder law attorney? There are many reasons to consult an elder law attorney. If you are planning to retire and want to live comfortably, retirement planning is a great reason to visit one. If you have health care issues or concerns, consulting an elder attorney about long-term care and nursing home issues is important. If you have a considerable estate that you want to protect for your family and/or use wisely in your own future, an elder law attorney could help. Lastly, estate planning is an important part of anyone’s life. Make sure you plan that well so that your family is not left carrying that burden.

Image: Some rights reserved by chrissy polcino

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