Are You Experiencing Social Media Fatigue?

Wed, Jul 3, 2013

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 Some rights reserved by wetwebworkSmithLaw continues to discuss social media, as it is an unavoidable part of today’s society. Our most recent post about social media discussed how it affects today’s court cases, “Social Media: How it Can Affect Judges, Jurors, Attorneys, and Clients.”

As an update to that post, the news recently brought us another angle to consider about a trial: friends and family of the attorneys involved. The George Zimmerman trial was in the news for this type of situation, details here.  Hopefully attorneys will take note.

It seems people cannot get enough of social media these days—something obvious from the story above. However, when is all too much? Does Social Media Fatigue exist? It might not for your teenager, but it certainly might exist for you or your business.

So, let us say that you think you have social media fatigue from too much surfing of your friend’s news and photos. (There is only so much you can take of the new baby eating oatmeal and rolling over.) If this is your situation, that’s easy to remedy—just take a few days off or change your settings so you do not see those types of posts in your feed. Here’s a way to do that on Facebook.

However, if you feel like you are on too many networks—then take a step back and see which ones you really need to be on. Maybe you only need one or two. Nevertheless, maybe one is the best way to connect to your friends, one is best for your business, and one is where you are a bit on your own—so you feel more relaxed. It is nice to have a few different sites to frequent and it is often a good way to separate business from pleasure. It is up to your personal situation. Try to create a schedule and decide when and how you are going to look at your social media feeds.

While being on too many networks can be stressful, it can also help relieve fatigue by allowing you to experience different types of content. Try out new networks with a pre-determined time limit. Then drop that new network if it is not satisfying. People do it all the time. Keep notes about your experiences and see where your customers or friends/family are. Chances are Facebook is a great place to keep up with your social networks, while places like Twitter and Instagram are fun to visit and relax.

If you are tired of using social media for business, do some pre-scheduling. While you do not want to pre-schedule everything, there is certainly no harm in pre-scheduling many types of posts. Some examples include inspirational quotes, blog posts, holiday greetings, news items, etc. Doing this type of pre-scheduling allows you time to interact with people, the whole reason you are on social media. Keep up your presence with some pre-scheduled posts and free up more time to have fun on social media. It will be less tiring that way, and more fun.

The key to avoiding social media fatigue is by researching, evaluating, and allowing yourself to take a break or even drop a network if you need to. But relax, it is supposed to be fun! Just turn them off for the day if the chatter is too much—we all need a vacation sometimes.

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