Avoiding Charity Scams

Wed, Dec 10, 2014

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Some rights reserved by epSos.deThe holidays are a great time to give back. We all feel more giving and charitable at this time of year. And we want to help others. However, what is the best way to do this? Where can we give that means the most?

Food banks are a popular way to donate. Make sure you are using a reputable one and that they distribute the food in a way you approve of. Some internet research should help you do that. Sometimes even grocery stores allow you to donate through store programs..what could be easier than that?

Then there’s other various charities that give toys to children. It’s always sad to think of children not having gifts at the holidays. There are many reputable ways to help in this area…Toys for Tots, your church angel tree, etc. Make sure you aren’t just dropping off gifts at a location that may not send them to those most in need.

This article from Consumer Reports has some fantastic information about checking out charities, including their tax-exempt status and how their funds are used. It is a great starting point for checking out more national and international charities.

Something to consider for even local charities is how they use their funds. You wouldn’t want to donate to a charity who mainly pays their employees with your funds until they reach a certain point…and believe it or not, this happens.

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Image: Some rights reserved by epSos.de

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