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Sun, Dec 28, 2014

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Some rights reserved by MarieMosleyYou finally were asked out on a date after months of searching for someone you actually want to go out with. You are so excited. However, you aren’t sure you just want to hop in their car and ride off into the sunset. It’s scary to do that anymore unless you really know the person. In addition, how much do you know the person? Are they a friend of a friend or someone you’ve seen in the grocery store a few times or someone you met online?

Luckily, you can find out a lot about a person by just searching social profiles these days. You can probably find out their hobbies, their friends, their favorite places, their pets, and what they had for dinner yesterday. Good info to know. However, not always accurate.

Start with a simple Google search…you can learn a lot. If they are local, you could then run a sexual offender search. Click here to run one of those. Then you can check out your local county’s online records to see what you can find out about their criminal history, Sarasota’s Clerk of Court is found here. Lastly, you could be thorough and run an FDLE background check or a Florida parole search.

Now some of this may be a little extreme for meeting a date for coffee. So maybe you do a quick Google search and then meet them at the place and leave separately. If you will be travelling together or not doing something overtly public, it’s probably a good idea to tell a friend where you are going, who you are going with, and as much information as you can about the person. It’s not a bad idea to do that even if you are meeting in public.

Play it safe when you are out in the dating world, don’t become an unsuspecting victim.

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Image: Some rights reserved by MarieMosley


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