City and County Gun Laws are Illegal in the State of Florida

Thu, Sep 29, 2011

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RiflesCity and county gun laws have been illegal in Florida since 1987 because of the Firearms Preemption law (or the Joe Carlucci Uniform Firearms Act). But, new Florida House Bill 45 (formerly Senate Bill 402) firmly reasserts state gun regulations. What does this new bill entail? It is pretty long, so here is the link to the whole bill.

Starting around October 1, 2011, one of the things you will definitely notice is the disappearance of a lot of signage throughout the state that cites city and county gun ordinances. Why? Because Florida House Bill 45 lets the state fine cities and counties up to $5,000 if they are willfully violating Florida state gun laws by creating their own laws.

Before 1987’s law, different local laws regarding guns made traveling the state with a gun pretty challenging. It was hard to know what the laws were in each area, so you would never know if you were breaking the law. Thus, a lot of signage was erected that defined local gun laws. After the passage of 1987’s law, much of this signage was still left standing and perhaps some of the local law was still enacted. The Firearms Preemption law was not strongly worded enough to prevent this.

Now, Florida House Bill 45’s wording and the addition of a fine for violations should be enough to make local gun laws a thing of the past. This is a real boon to gun owners, since they will officially know that all gun laws are the same in the state of Florida. There will be no surprises when traveling and they will know when a local government is discriminating against them if a local law differs from a state law. SmithLaw is pleased to see this clarification of the law regarding gun regulations in the state of Florida.

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