Famous Sarasota, Florida and Manatee, Florida Crimes

Mon, Dec 29, 2014

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Some rights reserved by Alan CleaverWe may not live in a big city, but we’ve had our fair share of famous crimes.

Walker Family

Let’s start with the Walkers in Sarasota, during the 1950s in Osprey. This was a relatively quiet time for this area, but the murder of the Walker family shocked the local area with its brutal details, murder of children and the fact it took place around the holidays. In addition, it had been surmised in recent times that perhaps it was related to the story Truman Capote wrote about in In Cold Blood.

The Walker family consisted of mom, dad, and two children. The murders involved rape, shooting, and a drowning. Over the years, several theories have cropped up to explain what happened, but nothing has ever been firmly decided.

Willie Suttle

Poor Willie Suttle died in Manatee County, Florida in 1997. However, it was weird then when his severed hand was found in 1998. Turns out, a worker at the funeral home who prepared his body practiced voodoo and had used his body as part of a ritual. In the end, it was found even more had happened to Mr. Suttle—including placement of dolls within his body. Read more here.

Carlie Brucia Murder

Sadly, our area is also home to the murder of 11-year-old Carlie Brucia. She was abducted while walking home in 2004, and her body was later found on the grounds of a local church.  Read more here.

Sheila Bellush Murder

The murder of Sheila Bellush has come back into the news with the death of Allen Blackthorne, her ex-husband who is accused of hiring a hit man to kill her. She was murdered in 1997 at her Sarasota home. Read more here.

High School Prostitution Ring

Very recently, Sarasota made national news with an alleged prostitution ring being run by a high schooler. Read more here.

Wife Cooking Chef

While this didn’t happen here, chef David Viens, was convicted of killing his wife. They had lived here for a time before moving to California. Though his story has changed from time to time, it is believe he cooked his wife. Read more here.

Paul Reubens

Though the scene of the event has been long torn down, a famous actor named Paul Reubens was arrested in Sarasota for indecent exposure at a local adult theater. If you don’t know his stage name, click here to read more.

Myakka Gold

The 1980s and 90s were home to Donnie Clark and the reported 30 million dollar Myakka Gold pot bust. Learn more about this here.

James Kouzaris and James Cooper

Two British tourists were shot during early morning hours in 2011 while vacationing. This case dominated international news for quite some time and had Sarasota in the headlines for a not so good reason. Read more here.

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Image: Some rights reserved by Alan Cleaver


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