Florida, Car Seats, and Your Child

Thu, Sep 29, 2011

General Legal Issues

Car SeatCar seats can cause a great deal of confusion for parents. Installing them properly is challenging, but knowing the laws surrounding them can be even more confusing. The laws differ in most states and for different ages, so how do you stay legal?

To cut down on some confusion, we found this link.

It helps sort out the laws in all the states. This is especially handy if you travel by car, as you might unknowingly end up violating laws when you travel from state to state. Florida’s laws regarding car seats state that if your child is 3 years old or younger, they need to be in a car seat. Ages 4 and older are allowed to use an adult seatbelt, if you are not using a booster seat. (As an aside, the state of Florida requires that all adults also wear a seatbelt.)

So, what about all of those other guidelines you hear about car seats—about rear facing, and height/weight requirements? This link with help you sort those out. It is important to keep abreast of car seat recalls and new rules and guidelines as they develop. This link to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website is invaluable for that type of information.

Lastly, we mentioned how difficult it can be to install a car seat properly. Instead of wondering if you did it correctly, take a look at this link to find a Child Seat Inspection Station. SmithLaw finds that the information available from the inspectors may provide the peace of mind you’re looking for.

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