Florida Senate Bill 234

Thu, Aug 18, 2011

General Legal Issues

Florida Senate bill 234, introduced by Republican Senator Greg Evers, was signed by Governor Rick Scott on June 17, 2011. This new law changes the way concealed weapons can be displayed and assures they can be kept in a lawfully parked vehicle (in places not already excluded by previous laws). It also modifies Florida’s laws regarding the purchase of rifles and other long guns out of state, so that they fall in line with the laws of other states and federal law. Keep in mind that this bill only pertains to those properly licensed to carry a concealed weapon. Let us examine these changes in a little more detail:

Display of a concealed weapon

Previously, a concealed weapon needed to be kept out of sight at all times. This new law allows the weapon to be briefly displayed for certain purposes. This protects those who briefly show the weapon to someone or those who need to show the gun for purposes of sale or repair. It also allows for accidental display that could occur without the person being aware, because of wind or shifting clothes etc. It should protect gun owners with the proper permits who carry their firearm or other weapon in the proper manner in the proper place. It does not protect those who carry them into places prohibited by law or for unlawful reasons. The excluded places are outlined along with other concealed weapon regulations in Florida State Statutes 790.06 (https://www.flsenate.gov/laws/statutes/2010/790.06). This bill does not protect those who display their weapon in a threatening or angry manner, enough to cause fear or concern by others.

Concealed weapons in lawfully parked vehicles

Those properly licensed may now leave their weapon in their vehicle while it is lawfully parked in a location not previously excluded by Florida State Statutes 790.06 section 12. This allows parking with a gun at more places than before. Previously, property owners had more leeway to enact rules about what type of weapons they allowed on their property in parked cars or otherwise.

The purchase of rifles or shotguns out of state

The amended law allows for simpler purchase of rifles and shotguns from licensed out of state vendors.

A full transcript of the law and its changes is found at https://laws.flrules.org/files/Ch_2011-145.pdf. The definition of a concealed weapon is detailed in section 790.001 (https://www.flsenate.gov/Laws/Statutes/2010/790.001) and 790.06(https://www.flsenate.gov/laws/statutes/2010/790.06). SmithLaw urges anyone who has a concealed weapon permit to become familiar with the laws that regulate them.


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