Florida’s Gun Laws

Mon, Dec 3, 2012

General Legal Issues

Guns in Florida have really made the headlines in the last year. Sarasota attorney Christopher D. Smith with SmithLaw presents a roundup of the issues surrounding Florida and guns.

Stand Your Ground

The Stand Your Ground Law got the most attention this year, with the Trayvon Martin shooting in February. The alleged shooter, George Zimmerman, is using the Stand Your Ground law as part of his defense. SmithLaw has written posts on the Stand Your Ground law that explains a little bit about the Castle Doctrine in general, and Stand Your Ground specifically. This is a controversial Florida law that inspires strong feelings in both critics and supporters. The Stand Your Ground Task Force was created to explore the law and suggest changes in an effort to calm the furor. This is the official link to information about the taskforce and their findings.

Doctors No Longer Allowed to Ask about Guns in the Home

Florida tried to pass a law prohibiting doctors asking patients about guns in the home. It was actually passed in 2011, but a federal judge blocked the law saying it violated free speech rights. (We wrote a post about this on the blog back in August 2011.) However, it is still in the news and the subject of much debate since Governor Rick Scott has filed an appeal against the ruling.

City, County, and Other Local Gun Laws in Florida are Not Valid

Florida has passed legislation that makes only state gun laws valid. Thus, local governments cannot make laws that are different from the state laws. Any signage about this is supposed to be taken down if it is different from state law. We wrote a post about this in September 2011.

In addition, Florida’s concealed weapons laws are always under protest by certain groups. We have some information about these laws on our blog in this post.

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