Florida’s Gun Laws

Sun, May 20, 2012

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Florida's Gun LawsThe recent scrutiny of Florida’s Stand Your Ground laws and the Castle Doctrine caused Florida‘s gun laws to make national headlines.

     Many were shocked to learn the ins and outs of Florida’s gun laws. Florida has recently been called a “liberal” gun state or too lax in its standards for gun ownership. There is even a task force in place to examine Florida’s gun laws. Governor Rick Scott has given them the responsibility of investigating and presenting their findings about how or if Florida should reconfigure its laws regarding guns. This New York Times article details the members of that task force.

But what else might you have missed about Florida’s gun laws? Here are some things you might not have known:

  1. Local governments cannot make rules about guns. The Republican National Convention is concerned about this particular law (outlined in Florida State Statutes 790.33) because it is affecting whether or not guns can be carried in the area surrounding the Convention being held in Tampa this year.
  2. Florida has laws regarding discrimination against gun owners. SmithLaw previously discussed this in another post last August. (Part of this law is under review by the courts and a final decision is pending.)
  3. Florida has a reciprocity deal with many states in regards to concealed weapon permits. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services maintains a list of these here. This is a handy list to keep while traveling, so you do not inadvertently break a carry law.
  4. Florida has very limited rules about the licensing and purchasing of guns, unlike many other states. We previously wrote about this in February 2012.

SmithLaw will keep you posted in upcoming months on how Florida’s gun laws change because of the task force created by Governor Rick Scott.

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