Florida’s Safety Belt Law

Wed, Apr 25, 2012

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Florida's Safety Belt LawsMany traffic fatalities and injuries could be prevented by properly wearing a seat belt.

Florida has seat belt laws, like most other states, to help keep its citizens safer. The current seatbelt law became effective in 2009 (Florida State Statutes 316.614.) The newest legislation strengthens and improves the previous seat belt laws that were created in the 1980s. Perhaps the most well known part of the new law is that law enforcement can actually stop you if you are not wearing your seat belt, unlike before 2009 when there had to be an additional violation. This means Florida has what they call a “primary” safety belt law.

SmithLaw outlined Florida’s safety belt laws and some of the consequences for not wearing them.

  • Almost everyone in the front seat (including the driver) must be wearing a seat belt. (Though certain vehicles and persons are exempt from the seatbelt laws. Information about those exceptions can be found here on the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles site.) It is at least a $30 fine if you are found to be improperly wearing your safety belt. (The amount varies because the city and county can add fees on top of the state’s fees.)
  • Anyone younger than 18 must be wearing a safety belt regardless of where they are in the vehicle.
  • There are specific child safety seat rules for very young children. These rules are outlined in Florida State Statues 316.613. It is at least a $60 fine and 3 points on your license if you violate these rules. (The amount varies because the city and county can add fees on top of the state’s fees.)

To see how seat belt laws vary throughout the United States, check out AAA’s listing here. Another great site to learn more about seatbelts and road safety is the Dori Slosberg Foundation’s site. This foundation works to help improve driver and road safety and was instrumental in getting the newest seat belt laws passed.

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