Getting Things Done in the Sarasota and Bradenton Area

Tue, Jun 24, 2014

General Legal Issues

Some rights reserved by GenistaMoving from out of state brings with it many various unavoidable tasks. This includes getting a new driver’s license, often getting new insurance, registering for schools, finding out where things are, learning new laws and more. Remember that different states all work differently and plan ahead. Don’t get caught in a bind by leaving things to the last minute.

Sarasota County

If you’ve just moved to Sarasota, you might be wondering how to get some of that paperwork done. Even if you’ve lived here for a while, things change, places move, places close, or it might just be new to you. This brief blog might be a helpful starting place for where to go when you need to get things done in Sarasota County.

If you need to renew or change your driver’s license, check out this link for DMV locations. The Sarasota Tax Collector can also help with some services. In addition, you may be able to complete some of the changes online—depending on what you need done and where you used to live. It pays to check into this before just showing up at the DMV, we all know how long that can take. The Sarasota Tax Collector is also where you will renew your tags. They also offer some online services too for certain situations.

If you need to register for homestead, check out the Property Appraiser’s office. There are certain deadlines for this, so make sure you check those out by calling or visiting their website.

The courthouse is in downtown Sarasota, along with the Sheriff’s office, Police offices, the jails, the Clerk of Court, and more. The area of Ringling and Main is where you will find these offices. In addition, many bails bondsmen are located in this area should you need those types of services.

The Social Security Office is on Siesta Drive and US 41. Make sure you check out their website because some services are available online or you will want to make an appointment.

There are several hospitals in our area, one of the largest being Sarasota Memorial. Their main branch is located off of US 41 near Hillview and Waldemere.

Sarasota is such a large county that there are often satellite offices in south county for many of the services we list. This is more accessible for the residents of Venice and North Port.

If you need to register your child for school, check out the Sarasota County school system website.

Manatee County

Manatee County brings with it a few different laws and places to visit. In addition, they have different locations for the tax collector, driver’s licenses, and more.

If you need to change your driver’s license, check out Many services are available there, in addition to this being where you would update your tags in Manatee County. Satellite offices abound, the main one being by the Desoto Square mall.

This is the link to the Manatee County Property Appraiser’s office.

Many of Manatee County’s legal, financial, and judicial services are found in downtown Bradenton off US 41 and 301. There you will find the courthouse, clerk of court, and more.

Manatee also offers a few various hospitals, the main one being Manatee Memorial off 301 and Blake, which is closer to the beach.

Manatee county schools can be learned about at

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