Guns in Cars in Florida

Thu, Jan 9, 2014

General Legal Issues

Some rights reserved by Kdt.Florida has many gun laws. These laws relate to both concealed and unconcealed weapons. At times, it has been difficult to know exactly where you can carry your gun.

Florida is streamlining its gun laws over time so that they are easier to understand and so you know the rules for all of Florida—rather than having cities or counties create their own laws. For instance, there are places where all guns are prohibited, except carried by law enforcement, like schools and this is statewide.

One of the most confusing parts of the law relating to guns has been whether or not you can have a gun in your car. At one time various places were able to post signs saying if you could or couldn’t park a car with a weapon in it. Then there are different types of rules for concealed weapon permit holders and non-permit holders about their guns. We discussed this specifically in this post on our blog. To clear this up even more, consult Florida State Statute 790.25.

Now, it has also been officially decided that college students can have guns in their car on Florida campuses. Reuters reports that, Students attending public universities in Florida can keep weapons in their cars while on campus, a state appeals court has ruled.” It seems the court determined that the university was not a school district, where Florida law prohibits guns.

SmithLaw has written many posts about guns. The archive of these posts is found here. This archive includes posts about gun safety, as well as about the various laws Florida has for guns and other types of weapons.

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