Rabid Goats

Wed, Apr 22, 2015

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Image: Some rights reserved by Arend VermazerenNo, it’s not the name of a bad movie. Sarasota recently had a rabid goat.

This link to the Sarasota county government’s website gives more details. It seems that a goat was acting erratically and aggressively and had been recently attacked by some sort of other animals. Once the animal was euthanized, it turns out that the goat had rabies.

Luckily so far this is the only case, but an alert has been issued for the generalized area around Honore and Bahia Vista for people to be aware of the issue.  (Check the article for the specific area.)

This case graphically illustrates the importance of the rabies vaccine, as the vaccine could help your pet avoid becoming infected with the rabies virus. That’s because since the originating animal is often unknown, it is hard to avoid all circumstances in which rabies can be transmitted.

Rabies is a disease that affects the brain. When the rabies virus enters an animal’s bloodstream, it affects the nervous system. If caught in time, rabies is often curable in humans. However, it is best not to have to go through rabies treatment. Thus, make sure you remove attractive nuisances like garbage or pet food from areas surrounding your home in an effort to avoid attracting wild animals that might potentially carry the rabies virus. If you or your pet is bitten or scratched, get medical help immediately.

Luckily, rabies is not common these days. According to the CDC’s website, very few cases occur each year. This link tells more.

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Image: Some rights reserved by Arend Vermazeren

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