So, is it really illegal to drive barefoot in Florida?

Mon, Apr 2, 2012

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So, is it really illegal to drive barefoot in Florida?How many of us have asked this question or been told by our parents that it is illegal to drive a car barefoot? Well, SmithLaw did a little investigation to find out if this is fact or urban legend.

Common sense might tell you that wearing appropriate footwear is a good idea while driving. You do not want to get your foot caught in a weird position or have it slip off a pedal while driving because of your footwear. However, it is actually not illegal to drive barefoot in Florida. Moreover, some footwear might even be more dangerous than driving barefoot. Our research shows that some counties or cities might have obscure laws on the books about this, but as a whole, there is no mention of what footwear is required or if it is required at all while driving.

Another rumor we have heard is that semi-truck drivers are required to wear certain footwear in Florida. Yet again, SmithLaw could not find evidence of this as a general legal requirement. However, corporate policies or industry requirements might regulate this (not to mention OSHA). So, play it safe truck drivers!

Motorcyclists are one more set of drivers that the footwear conversation comes up with. There are specific rules on headwear (usually helmets) and eyewear, but nothing mentioned about footwear as a legal requirement. This is another area where it seems you would want to play it safe by wearing shoes with good coverage and good traction.

 Now, this is not to say that a law enforcement officer might not find your footwear or barefootedness to be a cause of reckless driving or the cause of an accident. There are often broad parameters for what can be considered a cause for those things. Another reason to play it safe and be sure your driving attire is appropriate.

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