Specialized Alzheimer’s Services Adult Day Care Act

July 1st, 2012 marked the start of the Specialized Alzheimer’s Services Adult Day Care Act in Florida. Signed into law by Governor Rick Scott, this new law will help protect Floridians living with Alzheimers disease (and their families). It was proposed by the Senate Committee on Children, Families, and Elder Affairs in an effort to help regulate the adult day care industry’s Alzheimers care. Florida defines an adult day care as: “any building, buildings, or part of a building, whether operated for profit or not, in which is provided through its ownership or management, for a part of a day, basic services to three or more persons who are 18 years of age or older, who are not related to the owner or operator by blood or marriage, and who require such services.”

Adult day cares are already regulated in Florida. This is just an additional requirement for those who wish to achieve special designation for Alzheimers care. For more information, SmithLaw found this page on the Florida Adult Day Services page that explains a little more about Florida’s adult day cares.  The Florida State Statutes provides more in-depth information about adult day cares here in Chapter 429.

Previously, there was no law regulating Alzheimers care in the adult day care industry. Nothing prohibited adult day care centers from saying they provided specialized care for Alzheimer patients—without any extra training preparing them to do so. This new law requires certain standards of care and enacts other rules designed to protect Alzheimer’s patients.

Now, this does not require these types of centers to be licensed in a certain way to provide care for Alzheimer’s patients. But, it does say these centers cannot say that they are specially licensed to care for these types of patients without passing the new requirements. It is somewhat similar to licensing for child day centers—in that some centers have higher designations than others do. This new law will set standards that allow families to choose adult day cares that they can feel more confident about. They will know what to expect from the center they choose since standards of care will be more regulated.

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