The Confederate Flag

Mon, Jul 20, 2015

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It’s hard not to notice that the confederate flag has been in the news as of late. There’s debate about whether it should fly or not fly, whether it should remain in historical displays, what it stands for, if history should be a factor in whether it should fly, and more.

The confederate flag is a countrywide hot topic, and Florida is not missing out. The Tampa area has long had its own controversy with the Confederate flag…because of the one that flies near I-75 and I-4. This link discusses the controversy further. You will notice that the look of the flag has changed a little over time. This is because there are different versions of the flag.

Epcot has removed the Confederate flag from a history display, the Orlando Sentinel reports. And Melbourne has been in the news over the issue of the display of the flag in parades. USA Today talks about whether it is appropriate to display the flag in parades sponsored by the City Council.

And then Florida made national news because of an alleged dispute between husband and wife over the flag being displayed, as reported in The New York Daily News.

Many dislike the flag’s association with racism and slavery, while others say that it is just a part of southern history, has nothing to do with racism and slavery. The flag obviously has very strong supporters and opponents.

It will be interesting to see the fate of the Confederate flag, even as it has been removed from the South Carolina Statehouse. This, of course, is not without controversy—enough so that this article in International Business Times discusses how some political leaders are currently saying that there won’t be further discussion about an array of other controversial monuments and markers that also exist in the state. Time will tell if this proves to be true.

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