The Supernatural and the Law

Tue, Nov 5, 2013

General Legal Issues

Some rights reserved by Trace MeekHalloween has passed us by now, but the popularity of the supernatural never fails any time of the year. Thus, the supernatural has a definite connection to the law.

Television shows and movies often put the two together. Psychics, clairvoyants, mediums, etc.…these titles are often involved in legal cases on TV and in the movies. But is that the case in real life?

It seems it is, evidenced by this article on Fox News. This article discusses states that ban or are hoping to ban fortunetelling (or other types of psychic abilities) for various reasons, and discusses prominent cases like the recent one involving Jude Deveraux.

The article brings up a good point though–fraud and unscrupulous people is often the real root of the problem when people’s money is unfairly taken. And these things can happen even without the supernatural being involved.

So, just like any service you might pay for—do your research if you decide to visit a psychic or a medium. Check with friends and family, get referrals from local organizations, and do good Internet searches. Try to find someone doing a reading at a reputable store at first, rather than venturing into an unknown private home. And don’t reveal too much about yourself, just like you wouldn’t to any other stranger. Anyone can use the information you reveal about yourself for bad reasons, whether or not they claim to have supernatural abilities or not.

Don’t get over excited about anything without proper consideration of its claims, since buyer beware definitely might apply in these types of circumstances. (We have discussed this in a previous post on our blog.)

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Image: Some rights reserved by Trace Meek


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