Things to Consider When Owning a Gun in Florida

Tue, Jun 23, 2015

General Legal Issues

Some rights reserved by “Caveman Chuck” CokerThere are many things to consider when deciding to own a gun in Florida. What kinds of laws govern the ownership of a gun in Florida? Where will you get it? Where will you safely store it? What kind do you need?

What kinds of laws govern the ownership of a gun in Florida? Florida does not allow open carry. Concealed weapons are allowed with the proper permits and procedures.

Where will you get your gun? You do not need a permit to own a gun in Florida, however purchasing a gun in Florida usually requires certain procedures. There is often a waiting period and/or a background check done, depending on the locale and type of gun you are purchasing.

Where will you safely store your gun? Keeping your loaded gun stored safely out of reach of minors or with certain precautions for storage around minors is a Florida law. Make sure you know the rules for storing it safely.

What kind of gun do you need? This is certainly a personal choice, however keep in mind that your intended use of the gun should dictate the type of gun you might choose if you are not going to be buying several. Hunting would typically cause you to purchase a different type of gun than home protection. Concealed weapons would of course require that you pick a gun that can be concealed. Make sure that you also consider the type of ammunition you need for the gun you purchase. The price of ammunition varies widely and not all ammunition is easy to purchase.

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Image:  Some rights reserved by “Caveman Chuck” Coker

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