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Sat, Jun 27, 2015

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Some rights reserved by katerhaWhy? Because it’s easy to be taken advantage of by those aiming to do just that. And unfortunately not everyone who takes advantage of people is necessarily out on the prowl to do that; they might not even plan to do it or have such troubles of their own they just latch on to someone who they think might help.

Therefore, thinking like a profiler makes you aware of the behavior of others and what it might mean.Iit’s not as easy as being wary of the proverbial guy in a shiny suit or the scary person on the corner or the mean looking woman that haunts your dreams. Those looking to take advantage of you aren’t always going to look the way they do in movies. Some of the most dangerous people look extremely run of the mill or even pretty nice. Ted Bundy is an example…he was a nice looking man who often used the sympathy play to get his victims.

Those who are good at reading people know what tactic to use to take advantage of their victim. Is it your empathy or sympathy that will leave you vulnerable to their deception? Alternatively, is it anger that will take you off your guard and make you more likely to not notice the true motive? Or is it your own ego that might do you in? Manipulative people are able to read your faults, traits and unspoken signals, and use them against you.

But it’s not like they come with a sign saying, “I am out to manipulate you today at 5pm.” They may be lying in wait for the best moment to pounce. They may layer up months of tactical efforts to use to further their cause. On the other hand, they may be a quick con artist who moves from victim to victim.

Thus, thinking like a profiler is a benefit for many aspects of your life. Would you fall for that pyramid scheme if you were thinking about what the so-called friend who was over the top friendly when you met them at the cocktail party the first time had in mind? Would you really invest all your money with the charming gentleman who strokes your ego if you realized that maybe it was too good to be true? In addition, would you fall in love at the drop of a hat with someone who couldn’t get enough of you if you stopped to think what they might gain from you? And would that lawyer or broker or sales clerk convince you to spend all your money on services you don’t need if they hadn’t charmed you or preyed on your concerns? Don’t rush into things; make sure you analyze all big decisions.

It’s hard to be aware without being paranoid sometimes. You need checks and balances, because not everyone is out to get you. Thinking like a profiler will give you some distance from the situation so you can evaluate what’s going on objectively. Some ideas:

  • Pay attention to both the words and actions of the individual, do they match? Do the emotions of the individual match their words and actions?
  • Does the situation or person seem too good to be true?
  • Does your gut tell you that something is wrong?
  • Would your mother, best friend, neighbor, and co-worker probably all tell you the same thing about this person or situation? Moreover, would this opinion differ from what the person is telling you?
  • Is the person aware of social norms and conventions?
  • Is the person over the top or almost too charming?
  • Are they excessively persistent or insistent when others might give up or be offended?
  • Do they affect your mood in a way no else does or has and you don’t know why?
  • Are they interested in you or more in what you can do for them?
  • Does a background search on the Internet match what the person tells you?

It never hurts to be very aware of others around you. This helps you monitor whom you trust and keep tabs on people’s behavior to anticipate problems and the next move. Keep in mind everything you learn about them and surround yourself with those who build you up in a positive, normal way along with those with appropriate behavior. This applies to personal and business relationships. In addition, remember, a profiler has the ability to use their powers of observation for their own advantage too. Being aware of how others think and act can be helpful when you need it to be.

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Image: Some rights reserved by katerha

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