What are the Educational Requirements for Getting Your Hunting License in Florida?

Thu, Sep 29, 2011

General Legal Issues

HuntingFlorida requires anyone (born after June 1, 1975) who wants a Florida hunting license to take a hunter safety course. These courses are designed for people ages 12 and up and educate hunters about rules and regulations regarding firearms, ethics, and general hunting. Both online and physical classes are available, though requirements vary by course. Florida’s course will also meet any other state’s requirement for this type of course.

There are two exceptions to the course rule. They include those under 16 and those who want to hunt for one season only. Anyone who is under 16 may hunt without the course, as long as they are under adult supervision. Those 16 and older, who want to hunt for one season only, may do so as long as they hunt under supervision of a licensed hunter aged 21 and up. A Mentoring Exemption must be applied for to make this exception official. If the trial season is a success, the hunter will then have to take the hunter safety course before hunting another season so they can receive their license.

More about Florida’s hunter safety courses and hunting laws can be found in this informative booklet.

SmithLaw applauds the state of Florida for their efforts to reduce hunting accidents. We know everyone can learn something from one of the hunter safety courses.

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