Your Yard and Florida Law

Sat, Nov 23, 2013

General Legal Issues

Some rights reserved by epSos.deWe previously wrote a post about installing a fence on your property in Florida. There’s more to it than just picking out the one that goes with your home. There are HOA’s, neighbors, and other legal things to consider.

But that type of consideration doesn’t end with a fence. We mentioned hedges in that post, but you should carefully consider almost anything you put in your yard and whether or not the neighbors and the law will approve of it.

Lawn statues, furniture, decorations, plantings, etc. are all fair game in some parts of Florida. And don’t think that laws can’t change to prevent something after you have already had it installed. A couple in Miami learned that the hard way, after a garden they have had for 17 years has now been outlawed by a new zoning ordinance. More about this can be found on the FoxNews website.

Pets and other animals are also something to carefully consider keeping your yard. In addition to animal welfare laws, there are also noise ordinances and even outlawed animals. Chickens are an example of this. Keeping chickens is getting more and more popular, and sometimes the laws are unclear. We wrote a post about this on our blog quite a few years ago—and there is lots of new information out there about keeping chickens in Sarasota and Bradenton, Florida.

If you find yourself in a dispute about a pre-existing lawn situation in Florida, it might be worthwhile to talk with the zoning department and/or the HOA to learn more and perhaps get an exception made for you. And if you are just starting out to make improvements, make sure you check with the proper people prior to beginning to save yourself time and aggravation in the future.

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