Zoning and Ordinance in the Manasota Area

Sat, Jul 25, 2015

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205758065_7cf6925684_oA road trip out of our local area reveals that there are many more strip clubs in other parts of Florida than here at home. And within our local area, there are different rules for different gentleman’s clubs. But how is this decided?

Local zoning and ordinance laws are what decide such things. These are local laws that counties have developed for their local area. The local laws must coincide with state and federal laws in many ways, but can also be unique to the local area.

Another example is liquor/alcohol laws. Rules for liquor sales can also differentiate between counties due to local ordinances. You might find that you can’t buy liquor at all in one county, only at certain times in others, or perhaps you can’t buy it on Sunday at all or until a certain time of day. This all depends on local laws.

It’s also an example of recent change in Sarasota County. According to this Bradenton.com article, the fact that you can now buy alcohol on Sundays at any time in Sarasota “aligns the city ordinance with the county law.” This is all very new for Sarasota, whereas purchase of alcohol in Manatee County has always had less restriction. For years, many Sarasotans traveled just over the county line to buy alcohol in Manatee County on Sunday mornings.

Less dramatic examples of zoning laws include where you can build and operate your business, where you can build your home, where you can have farm animals, etc.

Interestingly enough, some of these laws are hard to determine, can be changed often, and might grant exemptions in certain areas. If you are particularly interested in what type of businesses might surround you, then you should check out local ordinances and zoning.

An excellent example of an exemption of an ordinance is the Cheetah Club in Sarasota. This long-standing establishment has been exempted from following rules that other, newer clubs have had to follow.  Their grandfathered exemption was renewed again recently.

So, it’s easy to see that local zoning and ordinance laws certainly affect our surroundings, what our families are exposed to, and how we live our lives.

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