Can You Adopt Someone Who Has Reached the Age of Majority in Florida?

Sat, Nov 28, 2015


3497434181_44cb3767b9_bYou probably have heard the stories of the millionaire who adopts his young girlfriend as his child to help the girlfriend inherit the money easier or faster, whether he has his own children or not.

Somewhat weird, huh?

However, sometimes there are cases where an adult may be adopted because they met a set of parents they wanted to call their own and who wanted the child to be officially “theirs.” This type of adoption doesn’t mean that the parents are any more financially responsible or legally responsible; it becomes a relationship like one that birth parents would have with their older children.

This type of adoption isn’t for everyone, because in many ways it is just a formality many would rather not bother with. However, for those who dreamed of a family their whole life, this can be a monumental event that means the world. It also means that someone who did not have a child to carry on the family name would be thrilled at the opportunity to do this through adult adoption.

Adult adoption can be a great solution for blended families. Florida even has a form for adoption of adult children by step-parents, found here at This would be a dream come true for children who have found their stepparent to be more of a parent than their natural parent. While it is too bad that they had to become an adult before they found a true parent, it’s wonderful that they can solve this issue through adult adoption, should they both desire.

But it is important to remember that an adoption can change wills and inheritance depending on how the will is worded. This means that you could stand to inherit in your adopted parents’ will but not in the will of your previous parent. Or it could mean you don’t inherit from either if the will contains a clause saying that someone who is adopted after a certain age will not inherit.

Something interesting to note is that if an adult who wants to be adopted is married, the spouse of the adoptee must give permission. For an adult who is married, his spouse might already have assumed his current name. That could get complicated!

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