How Florida Personal Injury Lawyers can Help After an Accident

Sun, Jun 5, 2011

Personal Injury

Florida Personal Injury AttorneysWhen faced with a personal injury, there are a lot of things to consider. Do you call a lawyer? Do you rely on insurance companies to settle the matter? Do you have to pay for the resulting bills yourself? It is a stressful time and having Florida Personal Injury Attorneys on your side can help you be able to answer all of the questions and bring about the best results.

One of the first things a personal injury lawyer would be able to help you figure out, is what type of personal injury case you have. Personal injury cases are called torts and there are three types of torts.

The most frequent case of torts are in the case of negligence. To prove this tort you must be able to prove that the tortfeasor (the person that committed the offense) acted in a knowingly irresponsible manner that caused the injury. If the court finds that this person acted in a manner that was at a lower standard than any other average human would act in a similar situation, then the tortfeasor would be found guilty. Someone in a professional job such as a health care professional would be held to a higher standard than an average human being while a child or a minor would be held to a lower standard.

An intentional tort is a case where the tortfeasor acted in a knowingly harmful way without care or concern toward the result of the action. This could include injuries caused by battery or assault, trespassing, slander, defamation of character and negligence in care. The plaintiff must prove that the defendant acted in a manner in which he knowingly placed the defendant in harm’s way and did not change his behavior or action.

The last case of tort is a strict liability tort. This is the hardest to prove because fault is not taken into consideration. The defendant did not have to have knowledge of the offense to be found guilty. A popular case for this type of tort might be an accident caused from a demolition project, from an animal bite or injury caused by an animal, or an injury caused by explosives or dangerous chemicals. The owner of the animal or the owner of the explosives or dangerous chemicals, and the company or person in charge of the demolition would be blamed in this type of tort case.

When an accident has happened which causes a lot of health care bills, sometimes so much can be accrued that it’s impossible to overcome the debt. A Florida Bankruptcy Lawyer can help you navigate through a bankruptcy suit and find relief from those personal injury bills.

In the state of Florida, medical bills are considered exempt which means if your bankruptcy case is approved, the bills will be paid. You will not be responsible for them anymore and the debt will be cleared from your name.

Although a personal injury or accident can result in scary times, and seemingly insurmountable debt, there is hope. Find a lawyer in your area that can help you use the legal system to your advantage and be able to come out on top, ready to face the world again.

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